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Wasp Control

The Common and German Wasp are the two most common wasps in the UK. They make
wasptheir nests in the hollows of trees, cavity walls and roof spaces. The threat they pose can be serious, especially if stung around the throat or multiple times, which can cause anaphylactic shock. Wasps can also carry diseases in much the same way as a fly does by collecting dead and decaying animal material, as well as insects, to feed the wasp larvae.
After hibernating over-winter the fertilised queen wasp starts her nest building in spring, and lays between 10 to 20 eggs. Once through the larvae stage the new workers that emerge continue with enlarging the nest and feeding the new larvae. Workers prefer to feed on high energy materials such as flower nectar and fruit, thus their passion for sweet substances such as jam.

Nests reach their peak size in September and can contain 3 to 5 thousand individuals. As the temperature drops the surviving wasps become more aggressive, will enter kitchens and bakeries etc. as they hunt out sweet substances. With the onset of winter only the queens will survive.
Although sprays will kill foraging wasps it will seldom solve the problem. The nest should be treated.

Wasps will defend their nest vigorously, they are often located in high and or confined places, making control very hazardous without proper protective clothing and equipment.

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The majority of the private pest control work we cover is in north and east London. However we do work closely with many councils in these areas, such as: Enfield council pest control, Haringey council pest control, Tower Hamlets council pest control, Hackney council Pest control, Newham council pest control, Islington council pest control, Walthamstow Council Pest control, as well as the City, Camden, Waltham Forest and Barnet.

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