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Textile Pests

The main textile pests in London are the case bearing and common clothes moth(Tinea pellionella and Tineola bisselliella), and the carpet beetle (Anthrenus Verbasci) . However other species such as the brown house moth (Hofmannophila pseudospretella) are also found. All these pests can cause extensive and costly damage to a wide range of natural fibres in your home and/or business.

Common Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella)
Adult clothes moth are approximately 5mm long and buff/yellowish brown in colour. They rarely fly as they prefer dark and undisturbed places. In fact the females tend to travel by running or hopping, and most insects that you may see flying around are males looking for mates. This mating behaviour is used to help trap the males on pheromone traps.
They can be very troublesome, as unfortunately, they tend to eat the most expensive fine woollen/silk garments – so your most expensive suits and cashmere sweaters, are usually the first to be attacked. Carpets, woollen jumpers, blankets, feathered items, furs and silk can all be severely damaged/destroyed.
Recommended treatment
Due to the nature of moths and their ability to hide in clothing and furniture, it is not always possible to completely eradicate a moth infestation , as it can be difficult and extremely time consuming to remove and wash/dry-clean all clothing and soft furnishings. We therefore visit your property to ascertain the level of infestation, and discuss what can realistically be moved/cleaned to help us to treat with a high level of success.
A minimum course of at least 2 treatments is usually required to kill off the majority of the moths, and their young. Although, in the case of a severe infestation, a 3rd treatment may be required to control any residual moths. To help monitor the level of an infestation, pheromone monitor traps (as shown on the left) can be used to catch stray moths, or detect for new infestations.

Areas we cover

The majority of the private pest control work we cover is in north and east London. However we do work closely with many councils in these areas, such as: Enfield council pest control, Haringey council pest control, Tower Hamlets council pest control, Hackney council Pest control, Newham council pest control, Islington council pest control, Walthamstow council Pest control, as well as the City, Camden, Waltham Forest and Barnet.

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