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Pigeon Control

Why do you need Pigeon Control in London?
Pigeons can cause unthinkable damage to your household, spreading disease and therefore threatening health. They can harm your daily life in the following ways:
• Pigeons introduce a variety of textile pests, flies and parasites which cause damage and carry viruses, bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted to humans.
• Pigeon droppings on pavements are hazardous to public when underfoot and wet.
• Pigeons make buildings look messy by fouling and cause corrosion of masonry and mortar.

How can Delete Pest Control help you?
Our highly trained staff at Delete Pest Control can help put an end to this menace by applying some of the latest techniques available:
• Our well experienced pigeon control surveyors will carry out a free inspection, survey and estimate service.
• Introduce a program of bird proofing, including sprung wires and netting
• Our staff at Delete Pest Control North London undertake high level of roof inspections, surveys and repairs.
• Our management at Delete Pest Control North London maintain the best practice treatments.
• Our staff at Delete Pest Control consists of highly trained and certified people who will offer you the best service available.

Areas we cover

The majority of the private pest control work we cover is in north and east London. However we do work closely with many councils in these areas, such as: Enfield council pest control, Haringey council pest control, Tower Hamlets council pest control, Hackney council Pest control, Newham council pest control, Islington council pest control, Walthamstow council Pest control, as well as the City, Camden, Waltham Forest and Barnet.

Delete Pest Control offers a fully mobile pigeon control service and our technicians and surveyors cover the above areas as well as Essex. We are no further than just a phone call away….

So, if pigeons are rampaging your beautiful house, pick up your phone and call us now!

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