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Pest control North London

Are you fed up with pests and still not finding any suitable solution? Our service, Delete Pest Control in North London will help you get rid of pests very easily.
Our service is completely professional for all sectors, i.e., corporate, industrial and domestic are covered by us. Places covered in the industrial and commercial sectors include offices, supermarkets, warehouses, restaurants and manufacturing. Other public places that we cover for our pest control service are Youth Clubs, Schools, the Health Service, Sports Facilities, Visitor Attractions, Guest Houses, Caravan Parks, Hotels, private Houses right from one bedroom Flats to Stately Homes.
Is your life being infested with pests that you don’t know how to control? One sure shot justification of calling the modern dwelling area “concrete jungles” is the abundance of roaches, flies and birds in human inhabitations. Most pests develop immunity very fast and are therefore very difficult to subdue. This added to the fact that they need specialised control techniques, pests are the modern day nightmare!

Delete Pest Control is here to help you. Our specialized services will help you get rid of pests with utmost ease. We cover the entire area of North London, including Enfield, providing completely professional services for all sectors- Corporate, Industrial and Domestic. Offices, supermarkets, warehouses, restaurants and manufacturing houses are serviced by us for all industrial pests such as rats and insects. We also provide services to Clubs and Schools.
It is not enough to kill pests once. Most pests have an alarming breeding capacity and increase their numbers as soon as these are reduced. It is therefore important to keep a tab on their growth. For this Delete Pest Control provides regular visits and surveys of the area we service. Also, we provide our clients with ready advice over the phone or on mail. We value each of our clients, right from one bedroom flats to stately homes.
Any questions? Give Delete Pest Control a call on 01245 323 018 – or fill in our contact form and one of our staff will get back to you ASAP.

Delete Pest Control treat all major urban pests:-

Rat control

Ant Control

Mice Control

Indian Meal Moth

Fly Control




Pigeon Control

Carpet Beetle


Wasp Control

Textile Pests


Stored Product Pests

Bird Control

Flour Beetle