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Most animals have a fleas associated with them and tend to bring fleas in house and then transferred to places of work causing all sorts of problems. Especially the dog flea, Fortunately, however, the human flea is
fleavery rare in the UK, and any human flea problems are normally associated with infestations brought in from abroad.
Most flea problems is the UK are associated with fleas of other hosts, feeding on humans as an alternative food source. The main ones encountered are dog, cat and pigeon fleas.
Cat and Dog Fleas (Ctenocephalides felis/canis)
Fleas are very small at about 2mm long. They are reddish brown in colour and their shape is flattened laterally to enable it to move amongst the hairs of their host animal.
After mating and feeding, the female flea lays hundreds of eggs in batches. These eggs can be laid in the fur of the host, as well as in any bedding, or location where the animal rests. E.g carpet or sofa. These eggs are white and extremely small (0.5mm) and hatch to produce small larvae which feed on organic debris. Once these larvae are mature (about 5mm long) they spin a cocoon, from which emerges the adult flea.
Fleas can be a real nuisance in a home or business, especially if their host (usually a pet, or other mammal) no-longer resides in the premises, as the fleas quickly find a new source of food – usually the humans occupants. Their presence and bites can be very distressing for all concerned, and medical attention may be required if the bites become infected.
Recommended Treatment
To treat for fleas, a minimum of 2 treatments using an insecticide, approximately 2 weeks apart, is required to ensure that both the adults and any young fleas, hatching from eggs after the 1st treatment, are destroyed.

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